Crunchy Granola

According to Urban Dictionary:

Crunchy Granola Noun
  1. A person who is lives in a healthy, green, vegetarian way. This person often supports Greenpeace and other such environmental and anti-war groups.
  2. A person who is into all that all natural crap and eats tofu and does yoga and hugs trees… and not in the sexual way.

Crunchy AF

Most of the things we do started with a burning desire to take care of this rock we call home.
We’re just trying to live well, live long, and leave this rock better than we found it. If that’s crunchy, then I am crunchy af.

So, what’s this little corner of the internet all about?

Well, my goal is for this to be a place for people to find:

Hilarity. Research. Development. Excellent grammar and spelling, with some wordsmithery woven throughout. Swear words. Recipes. Ideas about nutrition, cultivated by way of research, science, and personal experimentation. Observations about parenting, social justice reform, environmental protection, and asshole people. Maybe a few love letters, if I’m feeling mushy.

The intention is to log our day-to-day (not to be confused with “daily” posts, because jfc, we both have shit to do and writing is HARD!) processes. Some of this shit works. Some of it doesn’t, or didn’t on the first try. We’re publishing it for a couple of reasons:

  1. It gives us a central repository for our various experiments, solutions, and ideas
  2. Maybe other people will find our story helpful to making their lives healthier and/or more sustainable
  3. I am often asked why we don’t eat meat, why we care where our garden seeds come from, why we care about energy efficiency, why we care about the packaging on whatever, or “so, you’re like, vegan?” and it’s sometimes difficult to give a short answer to these questions. I wanted a place to fully explain, without sounding preachy. There’s a method to the madness – every fucking time, there’s a reason we do what we do, and sometimes effectively communicating said reason requires more than just a couple of sentences.
  4. Not that I think I owe anyone an explanation. I’m not here to justify my causes or our methods. I’m not exactly a pacifist, but I don’t have the energy to fight ignorance. I’m a treehugger, remember?

If you’re interested in how a couple of nerdy, environmentally aware, Al Gore admiring, health conscious, sarcastic af, EXTREMELY introverted tree huggers structure their lives, raise their kids, and run their home, stick around. If not, this probably isn’t the place for you.